Sitemap - 2023 - Safe For Work (SFW)

016. [Q&A] Startup-Building and Navigating a Tech Career

015. “Who wants to return to the office anyway?” Designing RTO plans that employees don’t hate

014. Being dubbed a “Rising Star” - A blessing or curse for your career?

Frisky Friday 11.10.23 – Hi from the beach! 🏖️

013. Why "Wartime CEOs" may win the battle but lose the war

012. @jenistyping’s Rules for Startup Scaling, Part 1

011. Why startups should adapt a cultivation, not acquisition, strategy for talent – and why most founders won’t

Frisky Friday 10.13.23 - Finding Jesus at a Taylor Swift concert

Frisky Friday 10.6.23 – Tales of a Wandering Nomad

010. Hiring as Gambling: The role of risk in remarkable recruiting

Frisky Friday: 9.29.23 – The Story of Your Life

009. Why DEI is a requirement for ambitious startups building world-class teams

Frisky Friday: 9.22.23

008. How HR tech became the preferred way for VCs to light their money on fire 🔥

007. Bringing recruiting “Back to the Future:” 3 common practices to leave in 1953

006. Why companies’ obsession with “top talent” sabotages great hiring – and how to do better.

005. ‘Mo founders, ‘mo problems – Startup dysfunction by cofounder count

004. Networking advice for people who hate networking (but need a job)

003. 3 interview questions to sniff out Heads of People who can’t deliver

002. How to conduct interviews so good, candidates will thank you for rejecting them

001. The “What Recruiting software should we be using?” Question, and why technology won't save you

“Are layoffs even that bad?” How startups can hire top talent right now